What's In A Job? Football Sales Executive

Thursday, August 7, 2014
In the first of a series on Jobs For Col U fans, we take a look at the jobs here at Colchester United.

Football is an ever broadening industry, providing a range of career paths and, first up, we speak to Lloyd Webb, in our Football Sales team.

1. What is your job title and what does it involve?
Football Sales Executive - my job involves selling various advertising products, hospitality tickets, executive suites and meals before games.

2. How long have you worked with the football club? 
I have been here for one year and two months now.

3. Describe a typical day at work
On a typical day, I work 8.30am – 5.30pm. My main priority in the day is to obtain new business, by engaging with various companies and businesses. It is also my job to look after current customers and their needs. I take part in general daily tasks including customer bookings and account management. 

4. What do you find challenging about your job? 
Generally I find obtaining new business a challenging role as people’s involvement depends largely on how well or not the football club is performing and whether or not they actually want to get involved with us.

5. What do you enjoy most about your job? 
I enjoy how everyday here is completely different, no one day is the same. My routine changes depending on what is happening in the club. I also enjoy the ups and downs that come with a football club and the football season.

6. What do you enjoy most about working in a team environment?
I work alongside one other person. I enjoy the daily laughs in the working environment. Having worked in the club for a short time, I enjoy working alongside someone with a vast array of experience.

7. What would you change about your job and why?
If the club was in a higher league for example the Premiership, this would change my job role completely as more people would be interested in the club and business would be easier obtained. 

8. Would you recommend this job to someone else starting off in their career and why?
Yes I would recommend this job to someone else as no one day is the same. I enjoy the  social element of working for a football club and never have a boring day in work.